The Service Support You Need to Grow

Oak & Stone is designed to help financial advisors better manage their businesses. Our platform encompasses everything you need to manage your practice, including marketing, sales and practice management tools.

Sales & Operations

We provide financial advisors with the most innovative sales strategies in the industry. Through a network of top advisors, we’ve created a one-stop sales solution.


Stop searching for the missing link in your marketing strategy and partner with us. Custom, targeted marketing that’s off your plate and in good hands.

Practice Management

As a company grows, so do the challenges it faces with hiring, onboarding and training employees. Learn how we can help.

Portfolio Services

Our investment philosophy is that we help advisors guide their clients by making sound, collaborative and knowledge-based recommendations.


Business Growth on Cruise Control

You love to help people plan out their future, and improve the quality of their lives – let us help you do the same.

Ask About Membership
“With Oak & Stone, there is a level of synergy that is impacting and bettering my business, that’s very hard to quantify. It’s a feeling.”